Woven Labels

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Label manufacturing is one of the fastest growing segments of the apparel and accessories industry as it enhances the perceived value and image of a product. It is a constant reminder to the ultimate consumer of the brand quality, luxury and individuality.

Woven labels are produced in virtually any color, fabric and finish, broadloom or needle loom, unique weaves and logo designs, custom dyed yarns and warps, adhesive and heat seal backings, with absolutely striking results.

Superior Damask

We manufacture superior damask label, which is a reversible figured fabric of silk, polyester, cotton, spun polly with a pattern formed by weaving. We can run up to 8 colors at one go.


Satin Woven Labels are polyester based lustrous thread, which is soft and smooth. These can be cut with an ultrasonic cutter for smooth edges if the product has contact with skin. At one time we can have a 8 color satin label.

Woven Edge

These labels have smooth edges as they are manufactured using monofilament yarn. A maximum of 4 color run at one time.

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