GREEN FACTORY 2020 is driven by the will to bring nature within our premises, allowing everyone around & outside to enjoy an eco-friendly environment. GREEN FACTORY creates a unique factory set up that controls air, water and noise pollution using the latest technology.

  • Energy efficient operations

    Solar Panel is a sustainable choice and best alternative to energy. With the use of solar panels, we strive to achieve energy efficient operations allowing energy savings of 30 - 40%. The stored energy can be used for future purpose, eliminating unnecessary wastage.

    We are proposing technology of Photovoltaic Solar Modules using cells that consist of Poly - Crystalline Silicon Technology and MPPT connected string Inverters. The plant capacity is 50 kwp Grid connected Solar photovoltaic power generating 1400 units/kwp/year.

  • Water efficient operations

    Our modern sewage system makes sure that the wastage of factory doesn’t get dumped into water bodies allowing water savings of 20-30%. Our rainwater initiatives consist of Zero-liquid/water discharge. It’s a water treatment process in which all the wastewater gets purified, leaving zero discharge at the end of the treatment cycle.

    We have also installed a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) that helps remove contaminants from municipal wastewater. Whereas Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP ) has been set up to treat industrial waste. Both of them are reused for drinking and irrigation purposes. Our Rainwater collection tank can easily carry 2,25,000 Litres rainwater.

    More Benefits:

    •   Enhanced indoor air quality

    •   Good day lighting

    •   Health & wellbeing of the occupants

    •   Safety of the workmen

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