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We are one of the top packaging box manufacturers in UK after working in this field for so long and serving so many customers. Regardless of the focus of your business, we can help you customise the entire package experience for your customers. You may depend on us to do the task because we are a top box manufacturing company in UK. We deal in different kinds of packaging and are also the leading box packaging manufacturer in UK

If you're looking for bespoke packaging manufacturer in UK,, LYNX is the answer. We are a leading luxury packaging manufacturer in UK and our team of designers will collaborate with your business to find the ideal package fit. If your business sells high-end products, you'll need luxury packaging suppliers in UK.. For the best packaging needs, we are the leading bespoke packaging suppliers in UK.. Our in-house team of experienced packaging designers has helped us become one of the best product box manufacturers in UK, across a variety of industry sectors, thanks to our firm expertise and broad product offering.

As one of the leading custom cosmetic packaging manufacturers in UK,, Lynx specialises in customising the packaging to match the needs of your business. We made the decision to specialize in apparel box packaging in UK,since we recognise that packaging communicates your company's values. 

Packaging should always support the brand, and thanks to our talented team, we've become one of leading printed box manufacturers in UK.Using customised packaging provides your company a distinctive character and instills a sense of value in your customers. You may give your customers a highly personalised experience by customising the bundle. You may do this by partnering with us and giving your clothing brand a particular identity. We've demonstrated that we're among the top rigid box supplier in delhi in UK. Your apparel brands also need customized hang tags and for that we provide custom hang tags for clothing in UK.

In the UK, there are numerous box manufacturers, but we only use environmentally safe materials. Your things will be safe and undamaged thanks to our reliable packaging. Make sure to select the best custom rigid box manufacturers in UK, if your product are delicate. From small packages to large boxes, they are all handcrafted in UK.The appropriate packaging is the best approach to differentiate your company from the other players in the market. By selecting us, the top custom packaging manufacturers in UK,, you can quickly customise your packaging and attract more consumers as they will feel more connected towards you brand and also create a better first impression


1. Can the packaging be customised?

Our team of designers can help you customise the packaging according to your brand’s needs.

2. Do you deal in all industries?

We help different industries with packaging needs and deal in multiple sectors. 

3. What if I deal in heavy products?

We have specially designed rigid boxes that are made from durable materials to keep the products intact

4. Do you specialise in jewellery packaging?

We can create premium packaging for your jewellery brand that is as luxurious as your brand

5. What sustainable materials do you use for cosmetics packaging? 

Organic cotton, bamboo & recycled polyester are our top choices for the fabric as they emit less or no carbon footprints; we also push brands to use FSC® and post-consumer waste papers.

6. Can the hangtags also be customised?

Yes, we can customise the hangtags according to your brand’s tone of voice to give your apparel a unique look and feel

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