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Bespoke Packaging

We are one of top bespoke packaging suppliers in UK. Custom packaging is a great way to learn about a chocolate company's character. As one of the leading chocolate packaging box suppliers. LYNX is aware of the need for customised packaging for chocolate companies. With the aid of our innovative and distinctive packaging solutions, we have helped several businesses create and curate their brand identities. Chocolate is also used for so many gifting occasions to its best to customize it and make it look more presentable


1. Do you do custom packaging for chocolates?

As a trusted chocolate packaging supplier, packaging for chocolates, and chocolate packing boxes, LYNX understands the need for customized packaging for chocolate brands.

2. Do you have Eco-friendly Packaging for Cookies?

In today’s eco-conscious age, nothing catches the customer’s eye more than eco-friendly packaging. Hence, we are proud to announce that we offer sustainable packaging solutions

3. Do the products remain safe?

At Lynx, we only use the safest and best materials for your packaging. You can be rest assured that your product will remain intact 

4. What packaging sizes do you deal with?

We can customize the size and design according to your brand needs and also provide options to make it look premium and bespoke.

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