Luxurious Kraft Packaging

Your premium brand needs premium packaging, too.

Today's brands must stand out, and one way to do this is by adopting Luxurious Kraft Packaging in France. Lynx not only manages all of your packaging needs, but only creates a unique customizing option for you,

We only have materials that are safe for the environment.

Your customers will be more delighted than ever to display their jewellery pieces in line with the packaging, which will give your company a fresh sense of responsibility. If you're looking for packaging options to define the elite experience for your business, we can provide you eco-friendly jewelry packaging in France.


1. What materials do you use for jewelry packaging?

Ans: For your jewelry packaging we use durable and easily recyclable Kraft paper.

2. What exactly is Kraft paper and how is it made?

Ans: Manufactured by chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp and then drawn into sheets, kraft paper has been the prominent choice in the sustainable packaging industry. It generally takes kraft paper to degrade within a week of its composting, making it 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

3. Can Kraft paper boxes look premium?

Ans: The kraft paper’s textured feel combined with the sturdy feel gives it the naturally appealing aesthetics that has become synonymous with luxury in today’s day and age. At LYNX, we provide our partner brands with various kraft box designs with options to customize on their own.

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