Heat Transfer Stickers

There are many different hangtags styles that we have to offer, including ones that are stretchable, flamboyant, bright, and others. We are the top heat transfer stickers manufacturer in France.

We have been making heat transfer labels for a very long time. As an alternative to conventional sew-on labels,, we provide lightweight heat transfer labels for clothing.

Our printed transfer labels don't hurt the skin in any way. If you're looking for heat transfer label manufacturers  in France, get in contact with us; we'll give you the best products at the lowest prices. It is up to you to determine which of these minor adjustments will have the most effect on your businesses and to make the best choice for yourself. Your brand needs to develop and make the right turn by choosing the finest course.


1. What kinds of heat transfer labels can you make?

We deal in various styles like stretchable, reflective, neon and more. To know more about this, you can get in touch with us.

2. Are the labels harmful on this skin?

Our labels are made from the best and safest materials and are skin friendly.

3. What is the best alternative for sew-on labels?

Our heat transfer labels are the best alternatives to sew-on labels.

4. Can these labels be fit for my apparel brand?

We can help you design the perfect heat transfer labels that are aligned with your products.

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