Luxurious Kraft Packaging For Jewelry

kraft jewelry boxes wholesale kraft jewelry gift boxes eco friendly jewelry packaging eco friendly packaging for jewelry Using Kraft packaging for jewellery is an elegant choice that not only adds more value to your products but caters to nature as well. Made of highly durable yet eco-friendly kraft paper, these boxes have become the prominent luxury packaging choice. The feel and appeal of the material make it perfect for precious items such as jewellery. Above all, they offer eco-friendly jewelry packaging that positively impacts the environment.

What is Kraft Jewelry Box?
A kraft jewelery gift box is simply a cardboard box made from kraft paper. What’s unique about kraft paper is that it is durable and easily recyclable due to its biodegradable materials. Manufactured by chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp and then drawn into sheets, kraft paper has been the prominent choice among the sustainable packaging industry. It generally takes kraft paper to degrade within a week of its composting, making it 100% recyclable and eco friendly.
The Kraft paper jewellery gift boxes help add a charm to your packaging unmatched by the conventional means. The kraft paper’s textured feel combined with the sturdy feel gives it the naturally appealing aesthetics that has become synonymous with luxury in today’s day and age. At LYNX, we provide our partner brand with various kraft box designs with options to customise on their own. We are the trusted choice for eco-friendly packaging for jewellery, wholesale box suppliers offering kraft jewelery boxes in wholesale.

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