Sustainable Apparel Packaging

Key Elements of Sustainable Apparel Packaging
Ever since the world woke up to the environmental harm of single-use plastics, consumers have started demanding that industry’s address their environmental effects and say no to single-use plastics. The apparel industry is also no stranger to the use of single-use plastics and has been criticised for it by many conscious consumers. However, the use of plastic by the apparel industry is limited to purposes of packaging and labelling. Clothing brands can easily shift to sustainability by shifting to eco-friendly packaging for their supply chain and branding needs. Let’s talk about some key elements of sustainable apparel box packaging to help you switch to sustainability. 

Sustainable Labelling 
Labels are an essential part of branding, creating awareness and sharing information however they are conventionally printed of plastic materials. The first step towards eco-friendly branding comes with switching to recyclable, compostable or reusable material to print your labels. LYNX has the capacity to manufacture sustainable labels for all your needs such as bespoke branding, barcoding, anti-theft labels and more. Our team helps you create sustainable labels that suit your essence while displaying a healthier brand image.  

Printing with Natural Inks 
Traditionally printing has been dominated Toluene and other petroleum-based inks. Using these inks make it impossible to recycle the paper they are printed on and are also known to have harmful effects on human health. Healthier and eco-friendly options are available for those who care about their consumer and the planet. Many soy and water-based ink alternatives exist in the market which are not only eco-friendly but also give better print accuracy. The only demerit is that they take a little longer to dry than petroleum-based inks. 

Packaging for E-Commerce
E-Commerce or direct-to-customer packaging takes a very different approach than retail packaging. It makes the first real interaction of customers with your brand after an online purchase, and the materials you use for e-commerce packaging become a part of your brand experience. A unique custom e-commerce packaging for clothing brands can be easily made of sustainable materials. It can help transform your customer’s unboxing experience and build customer loyalty. 

Retail Box Packaging 
A retail box or retail packaging is designed to be directly shelved in retail stores for easy customer access and brand support. Recent studies showed that at least 52% of retail consumers choose sustainable packaging over traditional cute packaging. Crafting your retail packaging in sustainable materials will help you capture the eye of the consumer over your competition in today’s eco-conscious age. LYNX crafts retail box packaging in a variety of eco-friendly materials that are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. From shoe carton box to t-shirts, shirts and more we will help you create an outstanding and stunning retail box. 

Sustainable packaging using recyclable, or repurposed materials have been the trend across the globe. They not only promote a healthy brand image but also attract the attention of eco-conscious consumers. More so, all your apparel packaging supplies can be crafted in sustainable materials with options to customize as per your brand. Custom clothing packaging that adds to the experience of your brand for customers is always a positive stance for a brand’s growth. Having served a variety of top-end clothing brands, LYNX understands the need and role of custom packaging manufacturers and helps brand create their unique essence with our solutions. Connect with us to meet packaging that’ll uplift your brand’s impression.  

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