Sustainable Packaging Solution For Various Industries

The environment is the concern of age, changing our actions, interactions even desires. That’s why conscious consumption is the mantra of the modern-day consumer, giving much weight to their impact on nature leading to a concurrent change among the manufacturers’ practices. Sustainable packaging is one such reaction that has been a step towards a better future across the globe. Here are a few eco-friendly packaging incentives that are taken up by new-age industries.

Sustainable Toothpaste Packaging
It may seem hard to imagine a world without your regular toothpaste, but how do we regulate the plastic tube’s impact that eventually ends up in landfills? Cardboard tubes, the sustainable alternative to conventional plastic tubes, as simple and as creative as nature itself. Along with it, using recyclable materials for boxing and labelling helps take your toothpaste brand a step closer to being environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Clothing Packaging
With the clothing industry, the issue of sustainability is abundant because the single-use waste it produces is abundant. From labelling, tags, patches to boxing, the waste and its impact on the environment is insurmountable. Using recycled paper, plus paper-based void filling are few steps to take a clothing brand to environmentally friendly practices that support nature and even capture the eye of modern consumers.

Sustainable Cheese Packaging
Cheese goes a long way as a food source which can be preserved for years, even decades, and so does the flexible plastics used to pack them. Packaging made of recyclable kraft paper is an easy and aesthetically appealing solution to conventional cheese packaging. Many other alternatives include reusable plastic bags, cardboard boxes etc. which may not be as cost-effective as kraft pouches.

Sustainable Carton Packaging
Be it a milk carton, juice or any other drink, cartons and their varieties are all around us. Generally made by fusing layers of polyethene, cartons are hard to recycle and thus end up in landfills, polluting the environment. A sustainable carton, on the other hand, is made of repurposed paper fibre that offers the same benefits as conventional carton while not impacting nature.

Sustainable Pharmaceuticals Packaging
More and more pharmaceutical companies are switching to sustainable packaging with eco-friendly packaging to promote a healthier image. Using recyclable boxes for primary and tertiary packaging is the easiest way to switch to sustainable practices. Many pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers nowadays offer a variety of eco-friendly packaging solutions to help brands looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

Sustainable Candle Box
If your candle business is driven by a passion for your art, your packaging should complement that feeling. Candles in today’s electric world have exclusive use, being crafted for special uses such as gifting. While the special process you put into making your candles is the product’s major selling point, custom packaging adds an extra element of desire for the customers. Many candle boxes manufacturers now offer custom solutions that are sustainable and add to the overall appeal of candles as a product. If you seek to flourish with your candle business, its best to couple them with custom packaging that’ll enhance your customer experience.

Eco- Friendly Essential Oil Packing
Essential oil is a booming industry in itself, welcoming new players with each market season. Without proper packaging and branding solutions, even an age-old player in the industry can lose out to a startup brand, and disappear into oblivion. At LYNX, we offer essential oil packaging supplies that help reinvigorate and elevate a brand into the spotlight. Offering new-age aesthetics such as the sustainable skincare packaging with Kraft paper, we help you define your brand with elements that correspond to your essence.

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