Add More Green. Add More Recyclability

Branding plays a vital role to position products in the target market, which is why packaging and labelling ideas are evolving faster than ever. But, it’s a need of the hour that we set packaging goals around the element of sustainability. LYNX is making a shift towards sustainable branding and packaging solutions to contribute its bit towards overall well-being of current and future generations. We know our efforts might not bring changes overnight, but our simple changes can bring a significant difference towards the environment.

Here are a few eco friendly steps that have been
undertaken by us to save our planet

3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Manage our operations in a way that helps reduce the use of paper in making the world greener & healthier.


Avoid non biodegradable and plastic packaging, and look forward to reuse existing packaging resources.


Avoid non renewable resources as they put extra strain on the already fragile eco system. We put to use the available resources that help reduce the negative impact on the environment.

REACH Compliant Inks and Water Based Varnish

We are committed to create a sustainable future by using water soluble matt and gloss varnish over our REACH compliant inks for Offset Printing.

Sustainable Materials

Organic cotton, bamboo & recycled polyester are our foremost choices when it comes to fabric as they do emit less or no carbon footprints, and post-consumer waste papers.

Energy Efficient Solutions

As per our 2020 target, we use solar energy for our office operations that is inexhaustible. It helps combat collective dependence on fossil fuels & does not emit greenhouse gases thus having a less of an impact on the environment.

Sustainable Logistics

We support sustainable processes across the supply chain that are environment friendly and lower in costs, we also use electric vehicles for local deliveries around our facility.

Sustainable Branding & Packaging Solutions are a click away