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Major Benefits of Corrugated Carton Box in Packaging Industry

Packaging is a key to increasing the shelf life of products. From transit to receiving to putting up on retail shelves, packaging plays a pivotal role. But, it is also a strong marketing tool. You all would agree that the product leaves a deep impact on the people’s minds. It prompts a strong emotion. When it comes to product branding, packaging leaves no stone unturned to steal the show.

One important aspect of packaging is that it doesn’t need to be loudest or brightest, but it has to be unique and functional. There is a wide variety of packaging boxes to explore. But today we will drive your focus towards Corrugated carton boxes – the most handy yet classic packaging material. It is everywhere, be it a pizza home delivery packaging box, the cover of a large electronic appliance or receiving an online delivery of a few daily use items etc.

But have you ever wondered how it is made?

Corrugated carton boxes are made up of kraft paper sheets containing air columns. They are the perfect amalgamation of structural rigidity and cushioning comfort. They contain rows of air columns, bringing much-needed flexibility. They are better than the cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes possess only one thick paper, but corrugated boxes are made of one, two, or three layers of liners and flutes.

1. Act as a shield for heavy products: Corrugated carton boxes are the protector of products from within and create ease of storage. Corrugated box manufacturers in Delhi make sure that the boxes secure heavy products like – electronic goods, wines, appliances etc. from bruising, breaking, or getting wet. They protect the goods against environmental changes like – moisture, dust, climate, and temperature changes. Corrugated boxes are also suitable for apparel and fashion application. Here at LYNX, our corrugated box carton packaging protects products against crumbling and dust.

2. Lightweight in nature: Businesses look for the packaging materials which can be relied on for long-distance traveling. Corrugated carton boxes are convenient for transportation purposes. They are easy to load and unload.

3. Flexible to adapt different sizes: It’s double-wall cushioning makes the boxes highly flexible. They can easily get adapted to different sizes and shapes. They are convenient to fold and can be used for transporting products from one place to another. They are best suitable for various sizes of products, from pen, to food to electronics.

4. Easy to customize: Corrugated carton box manufacturers in Delhi contribute towards customized packaging. They are extremely beneficial in terms of personalization. By adding printed artwork to these boxes, the look of the boxes gets changed drastically. They improve brand visibility and catch the consumer’s eye and imagination. Whether it’s a logo, tagline, custom theme, or designs, the boxes easily get adapted and communicate brand value to the customers.

5. Environmental friendly: In today’s time, when people are aware of social and environmental causes, they prefer sustainable products. Being packaging, an integral part of branding, it becomes important for businesses to not just produce eco-friendly products, but make sure that the packaging material is non – toxic. Gladly, Corrugated carton boxes are allergy-free, easily biodegradable, and can be reused several times.

6. Not so heavy on the pocket: Corrugated carton boxes have double-edged advantages. They are high in strength, and super light to carry. Due to its less weight, the extra shipping and handling costs get reduced, improving the bottom line of the market budget. Corrugated carton box manufacturers in Delhi easily process them with low labor costs and affordable tools. Its reusable quality minimizes the waste and lowers the cost associated with the disposal.

To sum up, Corrugated packaging is durable, lightweight, sustainable, economical, customizable. It has become the choice of many brands and industries. At Lynx, we offer a wide range of corrugated boxes. They are definitely best to assist your search for packaging boxes. We offer timely and safe delivery throughout India and serve as the best option for your shipping needs. Get in touch with us soon, we’d be happy to help you!

Importance of heat transfer labels in Clothing Industry

Marketing is all about understanding audiences and building a brand. No marketing campaign becomes successful, without labeling. Labeling enhances the product look. It grabs the instant attention of a customer and encourages potential buyers to purchase the product. Besides product grooming, it plays an important role in conveying important information about the brand.

Label is an important part of the Garment industry. More than just a piece of fabric, it’s a communicator between the buyer and the product. It influences people’s buying decisions. It indicates all the important instructions and other credible information related to Garment. There are unique label types that are popular in the marketplace of Garment. But Heat Transfer labels are gaining huge importance in the Clothing Industry.

Heat transfer labels are the alternatives to traditional sew-on labels and badges. It’s a viable printing technology, where the images are directly printed on the garment. The heat transfer process ensures that the design is embedded into the sublayers, without ruining the quality of Garment. Let’s dive into some points to understand the importance of heat transfer labels in the Clothing industry:

1. Bring out exquisite look: The ex-factor of the heat transfer label is its photographic quality that improves the overall look of the product. It brings out the sharper text and gives finesse to the overall print. The sleeker and polished look bring out better customer engagement. Heat transfer labels are the most ideal labels for rough garments like denim, T-shirts, shirts, etc.

2. Showcase multiple colors: Heat transfer clothing labels can be produced in a wide variety of colors and sizes for meeting customer’s needs and wants. Heat transfer technology has the capability of printing various colors at one time on one single garment. Every color tone, stripe & pattern are meticulously matched with the fashion to bring life to the clothing.

3. Faster printing: Heat transfer clothing labels can be printed in the form of full-color images on the fabrics within a few seconds. It is an easy process and saves a lot of time. So, businesses can easily receive their bulk order without any delay and can start the labeling process of Garments on an early note.

4. Don’t fade: Heat transfer labels are durable and long-lasting. They don’t fade easily. In fact, the ink of the heat transfers are quite strong that transfer bonds directly into the fiber of the fabric. This makes sure that the print doesn’t peel or crack off and the label looks part of the original design. These labels withstand environmental conditions like – temperature and moisture. Also, they are highly resistant to chemicals and don’t lose their shine, inspite of innumerable washes, extending the label’s lifespan.

5. Versatile to various fabrics: Heat transfer clothing labels are suitable for all kinds of fabrics, be it – cotton, synthetic, nylon, silk, woollen, etc. They bring out a clean and seamless finish on the garment attracting eyeballs from the people around. Shoppers are able to clearly read all the important information written about the Garment.

6. 100% skin-friendly: There are quality dyes available in the market, which are skin-friendly. Here at LYNX, We have installed the latest technology infrastructure which produces the best quality colors to be used for heat transfer labels. People don’t feel itching or redness due to these labels.

7. Add sophistication: If you want your fashion brand to stand out, branding should be an integral part of the packaging. When we talk about heat transfer labels, they contribute towards the brand image. These tagless labels portray a level of design sophistication that is not possible with a tag. When shoppers see that your way of disclosing important information about the brand is distinct, then they get the impression that you truly care about every detail.

8. Cost-saving: Maintenance costs of heat transfer labels are way lower in comparison to conventional brand labels. One doesn’t need a huge set up of machines. With fewer crowds of machines, the manufacturers are likely to face fewer jams, malfunctions, and breakdowns. This sums up into less cost of heat transfer labels, which ultimately helps lower the labeling budget of Garment manufacturers.

9. Contributes to sustainability: Heat transfer clothing labels are environment friendly. They do not contain heavy metal, PVC, or lead. The colors are water-soluble and consume small amounts of energy. They are toxic-free and contribute towards Green initiatives.

Heat transfer labels, tagless labels are the great branding options for clothing that attract shoppers without the burden of woven or printed labels. The combination of ink and Pantone colors looks mesmerizing on clothing be it – sporty t-shirts, baby bodysuits, or winter thermal wear.
Here at LYNX, we excel at producing attractive heat transfer labels that are high – resolution and environmental friendly. So, if you are looking for quality heat transfer labels, contact us today, and let your brand speak volumes amidst competition.

How to stand out your brand with Custom Hang Tags?

In the retail World, hang tags are important marketing collateral that accelerate sales prospects. Hang tags represent the brand’s message vital to consumers. They not only impart important information about specific products, but also promote the brand. Hang tags carve the right stories of a brand and greatly influence the customer’s purchasing decisions. Whether it’s Electronic, Apparel, Jewelry, Food or beverage, hang tags helps build a rapport with the customers.

With the growing creative minds, there is a large variety of hang tags available in today’s time. But, custom hang tags have become a great mechanism to impress consumers. Custom hang tags are perfect to add unique branding to the products. They are the extension of the product and can be employed in innumerable ways to broaden the brand sales and reputation. Here’s how:

1. Adapt with recurrent changes: The hang tags of brands can easily be changed according to the change of seasons or endorsements. This gives a new look to the product. It also proves that the brand focuses on selling the latest stuff, i.e. adaptable to the prevailing needs of customers. It brings more relativity with the customer and induces him/her to make their minds to purchase them.

2. Focus on visualization: Preferring custom hang tags for clothing is a nice idea. Say, an image is put on the tag of an apparel, depicting how the product would look with its use. Like a person wearing a Capri is shown on a tag swaying away from the shopper’s attention. Similarly, custom hang tags are the right choice for jewelry, cosmetic or electronic brands. The one image will speak more than a thousand words and gives an advertising boost.

3. Keep the logo in the center: Do you want your shoppers to instantly recognize your brand? Then, keep the logo on the front of a hang tag. When the customers will be scanning the racks filled with different products, your brand will immediately be spotted by them. This strategy works well, as shoppers easily overlook the other articles having similar kinds of hang tags.

4. Highlight discount information: A smart way to use a hang tag is to print pricing or discount information on them. It can directly be printed on the hang tags or a separate sticker can be pasted on them. If you really want to become more innovative and creative, then simply turn the hang tag into a coupon. This will give shoppers a new craving to buy the product, as it would lower the price in the next purchase.

5. Play with shapes: In the world of normalcy, be a diamond. When everyone is opting for square and rectangle-shaped hang tags, then unconventional shapes like diamond, oval and circle can really work to your benefit. For example – Circle-shaped custom hang tags for clothing are the best fit for apparel. While oval and diamond-shaped hang tags can be used for jewelry and Cosmetic brands. Just, make sure that the shape must adapt to the information you want to put on. If it is too small or big for the image or information, then you may need to look for a different alternative

6. Use premium material: A hang tag is a shadow of your product. It is really important that brands must use premium materials to enable hang tags to look expensive and memorable. Custom hang tags for clothing must be durable. They can be of leather, kraft, or silk material giving much versatility and flexibility in choosing a style.

7. Select colors and fonts intelligently: Color is the first attribute which flatters customers to seek brand differentiation. Warm colors are the most preferred choice for custom hang tags for clothing to make the product stand out among others. The same goes for the font. If you choose a goudy font or something with a lot of swirls, then it may look attractive, but it could be too hard to read. Look for the fonts and colors that fit into the criteria of attraction and readability.

Building a brand and selling a product depends on the hang tag the company chooses.
Your hang tag can speak a lot, choose it wisely. It’s clear that custom hang tags should be your priority to let your brand get much-needed footage. Here at LYNX, we create unmatched custom hang tags across industries to help improve brand look and drive customer engagement.

Why are premium woven labels the ultimate choice for the modern garments industry?

Just like Promotion, Pricing and Packaging, Labelling plays an important role to position your brand with a great force. Labelling puts identification marks on the brand, containing important features of products. It is one of the important aspects of marketing and mostly comes in practice by various organizations, especially the Garments Industry. It helps make the brands stand out and look professional attracting eyeballs of potential customers.

There are various kinds of labels available these days to advertise your brand in the most silent yet effective way. But premium woven labels are popularity among clothing businesses. What is Woven Label? Woven labels are soft and smooth, yet durable labels that do not even fade after innumerable machine washing. The premium woven labels are woven into a piece of fabric. Lynx is one of the leading woven labels manufacturers in Noida, we produce woven labels using classy fabric like silk, cotton, satin, and polyester giving soft, smooth and luxurious feel whenever contacted with skin.

Premium Woven Labels Manufacturer

We manufacture woven labels keeping sustainable factors in mind. We can also use up to 100% recycled polyester yarn which is made from plastic bottles, reducing its carbon footprint. Since the preference of premium woven labels is increasing day by day, hence various kinds of woven labels are available in the market. The brand managers and marketing managers can opt for the premium woven labels basis their brand promotion budgets, target market, information of products and brand identity. Choose the appropriate clothing label considering your applications. So, here we go:

  1. Recycled Woven Label (Recycled yarn used as a base label material)
    It is one of the newest development in the label industry, to produce sustainable and eco-friendly premium woven labels in 100% recycled yarn made from plastic bottles. We offer these premium woven labels in the same look and feel but they have a must lower impact on the environment. Our innovative brand experts design these woven labels that are made in accordance with the prevailing fashion trends and market demands, making us one of the respectable and leading woven labels manufacturers in Noida.
  2. Damask Woven Label (Damask used as a base label material)
    It is the most commonly used premium woven label. It brings more clarity by defining fine images or texts. These labels are weaved in a slow pace, with finer yarns and higher density. It gives a uniform weave, with added durability.
    In Damask Woven Label we can also use Silk yarn to have glossy surfaces bringing superb quality to complement brands. Being a premium woven labels manufacturer in Noida, we provide silk yarn labels that are soft and smooth.
  3. Satin Woven Label (Satin used as a base label material)
    In comparison to rich fabrics like damask, satin clothing labels are usually less expensive. They bring a lustrous, shiny, smooth, soft appearance, and feel. Due to its softer attributes, the satin woven label is perceived as a richer option, and hence, used in more prestigious applications. They are the optimum choice for infant garments to reinforce the perception of softness. At Lynx, neutral colors are easily available for Satin woven labels.
  4. Taffeta Woven Label (Taffeta used as a base label material)
    Last, but not the least, Taffeta woven label holds an utmost importance because of its lower cost. These labels are woven with a plain weave base, producing a stable and durable level.
    So, you have a lot to choose from, just try one of them, and we bet you would agree, nothing adds a finishing touch to your garment than the premium woven labels. Their classic, professional feel is something that makes them stand apart from the regular labels.

Woven Labels

It’s hard to go wrong with a custom woven label. Need validation? Brace yourself, here we come with the key benefits of premium woven labels:

Personalisation: Premium woven labels give an x-factor to the brand leaving a great impression on the customers. An attractive, professional-looking premium woven label lets your brand to carry a unique identity blowing the mind of a person who would even have a glimpse of it. Made from normal or recycled yarns luxurious woven labels depict the authenticity and sustainable image of a brand.

Silent Salesman: The best way to market your clothes is to add labels. The labels with useful washing instructions help promote brands message silently, leaving a memorable impact. A well-stitched woven label, whose appearance matches well with the clothing style and color scheme, approves the brand genuineness. You will be showcasing your brand, without making noise or being overly obvious with your marketing tactics. Being one of the renowned woven labels manufacturers in Noida, we make every possible effort that customers would appreciate your brand more and would find it the best fit for their premium wardrobes.

Uniformity: If you want to consolidate your brand style and showcase customers that all your ranges are part of your own production, then using a standardized woven label is a prudent idea. They act as small identifying markers that bring unity to a varied range of clothes. Whether you are selling a skirt, a pair of pants or a top, you can bring the entire line on the same platform by adding premium woven labels with the clothes.

Sophistication: Due to premium woven labels soft touch and mesmerizing feel, they deliver a richer, more sophisticated look than the normal looking printed labels. Premium woven labels always get an edge for adding a touch of signature class to your branding and portray the superlative quality clothing.

Non – Faded: Durability is guaranteed with premium woven labels. Unlike printed merchandise, woven labels last as long as the clothes. They don’t fade away in the regular wash. They stay in the place for a longer period of time. The instructions written on them remain as it is even after using them for many years. Here at Lynx, our premium woven labels are colourfast and also retain their shape even after countless washing.

Customization Possibility: Woven labels can be made in various designs and colors. Fashion brands can easily choose a design that will satisfy their labelling goals, making them look beautiful and presentable. Premium woven labels are highly popular in custom made clothes or high-end designer clothes as they are made keeping a particular client choice in mind. The personal touch is assured with woven label blogs.

So, all the brand owners, buying offices if you want to make your clothes into something special, then a premium woven label is what you must try upon. Let all your efforts that you and your team have invested in curating comfortable and classy apparels must get validity in the eyes of your potential audience.

Lynx is one of the reliable woven labels manufacturers in Noida that you can rely on for all your woven labels needs. Our premium woven labels are manufactured by well-trained artisans, using the latest technology. Our craft is famous across the World due to color consistency, design variety and of course quality. So, if you also want to deliver unique labelling and packaging solutions, surpassing expectations of your customers, contact us. We’d love to serve you and your customer base. Get in touch with us by emailing your inquiry at